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We aim to keep the public informed about the objectives, the importance and the latest results of biomedical research.


We establish the basic principles for dealing with the ethical issues of advances in biomedicine.


We represent the concerns of basic researchers with the authorities and in politics.


We are politically and denominationally independent.


PUBLIKATION  |  01.11.2016

Mice Times #14

Experiments in East Asia

PUBLIKATION  |  01.11.2016

occhio al topo #14 (Italian version)

Esperimenti nell’Asia dell’Est

PUBLIKATION  |  01.04.2016

Mice Times #13

Gene technology in a new dimension

PUBLIKATION  |  01.10.2015

Mice Times #12

Curing hepatitis C – a quantum leap in medicine

PUBLIKATION  |  01.10.2015

Occhio al topo #12 (Italian version)

Curare l'epatite C – un salto di qualità nel campo della medicina

PUBLIKATION  |  01.04.2015

Occhio al topo #11 (Italian version)

Invecchiare con gli occhi sani

PUBLIKATION  |  01.04.2015

Mice Times #11

Growing old with healthy eyes

PUBLIKATION  |  01.09.2014

Occhio al topo #10 (Italian version)

Differenti gradi di interesse verso gli animali usati nella ricerca, nell’alimentazione e come compagnia

PUBLIKATION  |  01.09.2014

Mice Times #10

Different standards of concern for animals in research, animals for human consumption and animals as human companions

PUBLIKATION  |  01.05.2014

Mice Times #9

Precise and punctual: the cellular postal service

PUBLIKATION  |  01.03.2014

Occhio al topo #9 (Italian version)

Preciso e puntuale: il servizio postale delle cellule

PUBLIKATION  |  01.09.2013

Mice Times #8

From cerebral pacemaker to cell replacement therapy

PUBLIKATION  |  01.02.2013

Mice Times #7

3R is routine today

PUBLIKATION  |  01.10.2012

Mice Times #6

The heart valve from the lab

PUBLIKATION  |  01.02.2012

Mice Times #5

Rare diseases – a widespread problem

PUBLIKATION  |  01.11.2011

Mice Times #4

BSE – virtually disappeared thanks to intensive research

PUBLIKATION  |  01.09.2011

Mice Times #3

A new Avenue to Alzheimer‘s disease based on transgenic mice

PUBLIKATION  |  01.01.2011

Mice Times #2

IVF a «monumental advance» – from animal to human

PUBLIKATION  |  01.08.2010

Mice Times #1

Significantly fewer AIDS deaths thanks to research

PUBLIKATION  |  01.07.2010

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